Grand Children Palace

An Early Learning Center

Grand Children Palace, an early learning center, helps children get off to the best possible start and develop various skills while enjoying different monthly programs. The cross-shape open space in the middle of the center provided more possibilities for teacher and external organization to hold events and classes.
In Southern China, most of early learning centers only have separate classrooms for children to learn and play. But usually this kind of classroom is small and it would have a restriction on children and parents while playing and studying. At the client early learning center, I found out the curved steel structures of roof above the flat ceiling are kind of similar to the Grand Palais in France. Actually I think we could take the Grand Palais as the reference for early learning center design, because the Grand Palais has a spacious open space, housing various artistic events of Paris. What if we could give the early learning center much more space for future events and playground? The idea would save budget for clients, better business plan for propaganda, better place for hosting events and more ideal way for teaching and playing. In the end, we keep a big comfortable space in the middle of the center. We hope this space with curved design would finally become a palace for children.

LOCATION Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

CLIENT Pure Baby

YEAR 2018

Programs Education and Office 680m2



Sen He, Tingkui Zhou, Diana Liang , Yan Liu, Huiyun Miao