Yoga Temple

Yoga, one of the oldest practice in the world, originated in Asia at around 3000 BC. The practice was inspired by animals that lived in forests, anchorets would mimic their postures and movements in on rocks in the caves or dirt in the woods. One of mankind’s first attempt to challenge nature was to merge with it. After two thousand years of imparting, Buddhist
picked up this practice for meditation purposes, it became popular along the spread Buddhism. Nowadays, it has become an ordinary exercises for everyone everywhere, in the gym, park, or at home. The popularity of Yoga has increased, but the purpose of its creation has been forgotten.

The story told by Vale de Moses family has become an inspiration, traveling to places, communicating with people through food and yoga shares similarities to the anchorets. These founders of yoga would travel to places by foot, and teach locals the ways of medication.The spirit within the history of yoga practicing is rich and profound, and connecting with
nature is what people lack in modern days society. The Yoga Temple attempts to recall human’s primitive drive of survival against nature, to teach participants how to fully merge with nature. Inspired by the sites and surroundings where the anchorets would practice, the concept of this structure is to raise up the earth, being surrounded by the woods, and create a yoga experience that is primitive, and a relation closest to nature.

The concept of cycle conveys throughout the design. The first cycle is the formality of yoga practicing, from challenging the nature, to religious practices, then to an everyday exercise or workout, and finally to Yoga Temple at Vale de Moses that attempts to immerse in nature; The second cycle is the cycle of water, rain and grey water will be gathered and reused throughout the building; The third cycle would be the building structure and material, the whole structure is made out of antiseptic wood, each square wood panels that serves as roof can replaceable.


YEAR 2020

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