Super Lucky Mall

Project for Architecture Biennale Rotterdam

A playful market hidden in the empty shell building, in which you pay for your chance instead of choice.

A lot of office building in Rotterdam became vacancy; Shell building is one of them. These vacancy buildings have the characteristic of emptiness that opposite to fullness but produced by greediness.

The greediness of society produces too much choice or could be the other way around. All kinds of choices bring a diversity life, but lead to decision complexity. When we deal with choosing food, facing thousands of choices, we hesitate to make a decision. It leads to a boring urban life that we could always easily get whatever we want, life continuing without passion and adventure.

Super Lucky Mall is not a traditional food market. It changes with time while interacted by people. It is a mobile system that built on a utopian city pattern structure occupying the ceiling and the wall. The other parts of space remain empty. It is a space shaping constantly between fullness and emptiness, by choices.

The whole system instead of providing plenty of choice that always complicated a single decision, it providing a chance but not planning the choice. What you get always differ from what you want, but you could still pursue by finding other ways.


Shell Tower, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Biennale Leader ZUS

YEAR 2013

Programs Supermarket


Roy Yin, Klinphaka Keawcharoen, Yuting Guan

Photographer Roy Yin, Klinphaka Keawcharoen, Yuting Guan