Bulgaria Children Center

A Vital Community for Special Education

We have vision, Karin Dom is a friendly vital community for children and young people with difficulties. 

When we did some researches about how to interact with a special kid, we were very touched by an example of a play given by Bamboozle Theatre Company. A mother said that’s her first time she remembers her daughter has been treated like a real audience, a person in her own right. The kids are really participating in the show (picture below). What if we have the opportunity to provide a theatre in Karin Dom, let the kids join many performances during their life, isn’t it a good idea? 

Here, we design a children center which have three specific public programs. 

1.Theatre is open for the Karin Dom organization, neighbors, tourist and Specialists working with children with special needs. We use it for treatment and all kinds of public activities like art exhibition. It increases awareness and profit for Karin Dom and help people know more about kids with difficulties. It also provides opportunities for those children in needs to show their talent and meet friends. It connects Karin Dom to the world by filming and sharing shows on the Internet.  It is the heart and spirit of the center. 

2.Harvest is one of the best moments for a farmer. If family can experience the satisfaction by farming together, we will have expectation and happiness. People can buy seeds or materials at the front desk or in the open market. Their plants can be taken care by the children or themselves.

3.The open market sells food, fruits, vegetable, homemade product, green products, arts made by the disable people, products from the roof garden etc. Kids can become the sales or customers. The profit will serve for Karin Dom foundation. 

The organization should make their seasonal programs according to these three flexible plan and space. Together with the programs above, we make a lovely community.


Status Competition

YEAR 2019

Programs Education

-Floor area on the underground floor: 733m2

-Gross floor area on the above-ground level(including terrain level):  1766m2

-Total landscape area with the plot and the building: 1120m2 (include 360m2 roof garden )



Zijun Wu, Tingkui Zou, Diana Liang, Yuping Zhang