Temporary Transparency

Modern Home Design

Clients are about 50 years old, they required simple and less decoration in the apartment for the reason they will move out and the apartment will transform into an office or gallery or for sales. Flexibility and the possibility for secondary selling became top concerned design issues. Another major problem the apartment is not that big. There are two small bedrooms hardly install wardrobes. It comes to an idea of transparent wall with wardrobe function which make the space of living room and bedroom both bigger. We decided to extend some area of the living to the balcony and design an open kitchen that it provides maximum space in the living room. Later, curtains cover the privacy and some facilities like Air Condition.

Red is one of the significant colours in China. In history it says it brings good fortunate to a family. Even the main hall of Forbidden City uses red columns. On the other hand, red is also present politics. Red and transparency are contradictory in terms of history in the forbidden city. But in a normal family, it is luck, trust and happiness.

Clients said,

“Thank you. And wish you have a red 2017”.

LOCATION Jiangmen, Guangdong, China

CLIENT Confidential

YEAR 2016-2017

Programs House 138m2